Chief Executive

Dr Ang Jury

Dr Jury has worked in the domestic violence area for over 20 years, the majority of this time from within the Women’s Refuge movement in Aotearoa.

Dr Jury has worked within the Women's Refuge movement since the 1990's and fulfilled every role within Women’s Refuge from volunteer, to advocate, to management to board member. In addition, she has been instrumental in the development of cross agency collaborations both regionally and nationally.

Her history through the 1990’s involved teaching, researching, writing and speaking in the areas of gender and domestic violence while completing doctoral research (an exploration of the role of shame within abusive relationships) at Massey University.

Dr Jury has since presented her research to a number of forums within New Zealand and internationally. After completing formal studies she worked for some time developing and coordinating family violence collaborations within the Manawatu and Whanganui regions under the umbrella of the government’s Te Rito Family Violence Strategy before returning to Women’s Refuge and her most recent role in 2009.

Core Group

These eight women form an overarching governing board that makes strategic decisions about how the National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges operates. It guides our organisation, and is responsible for setting our strategic direction based on the views and needs of refuge members.

The group ensures that Women’s Refuge operates as a truly ‘bottom-up’ organisation. One tangata whenua Māori representative and one tauiwi non-Māori representative from each of the Women’s Refuge’s four regions are represented on the Te Taumata o Te Kōwhai Core Group.

Our current representatives are:

Standing left to right:

Aleen Henderson
Central Region Māori

Genevieve Sang Yum
Nothern Region Tauiwi

Ange Chaney
Lower North Māori

Trish McMurtrie
Southern Tauiwi

Megan Thommasen
Central Region Tauiwi

Seated left to right:

Martina Cziharz
Lower North Tauiwi

Zona May Heta
Northern Region Māori

Jynine Berryman
Southern Region Māori