Womens Refuge is New Zealand’s leading agency in responding to and preventing Domestic Violence. The National Home Safety Service – Whānau Protect is an additional service that is offered to high risk victims of Domestic Violence.

The National Home Safety Service – Whānau Protect, is available in most locations around New Zealand to victims of domestic violence who are at high risk of repeat family violence that is likely to cause serious physical injury or death.

This service is designed to support victims who have separated from their abuser to remain living safely in their current homes with a reduced risk of family violence re-victimisation. The victim must be living separately from the perpetrator, intending to remain living separately, and committed to not inviting the perpetrator into their home. This service is provided within the victim’s current home for a duration of six months, commencing from the time the safety measure are put in place.

The Whānau Protect service provides victims with a monitored safety alarm unit which is installed in the victim’s home for the duration of six months.  When the alarm is triggered by the victim, the unit activates an audio recording while Police are being dispatched to the victim’s home. The recording may be used by Police for the purpose of investigation and prosecution.

A Home Safety Improvement assessment is also completed to gauge the security of the property and improvements are made to ensure there is a safe room for victims to shelter while waiting for Police to attend in the event of the offender attempting to gain entry.

The Whānau Protect service plays a key role in providing support and resources for family violence victims and their children to live free from violence while remaining in their homes. It provides choice and another a safer option for those victims who do not want to, or cannot, leave their home.

It is important to note that this is a service for those victims at very high risk. Eligibility is therefore measured against stringent risk criteria. 

For more information on the Initial Selection Criteria and to submit an application for this service, please go to https://c0dcl362.caspio.com/dp/bd4270003fc69ba07879465eb6f3

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at Whanauprotect@refuge.org.nz; or talk to your local refuge on 0800 REFUGE or 0800733843

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