Financial Assistance

Work and Income provides financial assistance and employment services throughout New Zealand. It offers a single point of contact for people in New Zealand needing job search support, financial assistance and in-work support.

We strongly advise that you contact us or another benefit advocacy service like the Citizens Advice Bureau for help with understanding your entitlements to any available financial assistance.

Women’s Refuge advocates can also accompany you to meetings at Work and Income, and help make sure you get quick access to any benefit to which you’re entitled. Advocates can also help you with Work and Income debts.

You should be getting enough money to pay for your basic living costs. If you are turned down for any benefit or you think you should be getting more, get the decision in writing from Work and Income, and ask for a review immediately. Taking along an advocate often helps.

Work and Income contact details
Freephone from within New Zealand: 0800 559 009
From overseas: +64 9 913 0300
7am–6pm Monday to Friday and 8am–1pm Saturday


Getting legal protection

Women’s Refuge can help you get legal advice or help through our advocacy service.

Learn more here about:

You can also get detailed legal information in the Women’s Refuge book Fresh Start: A Practical Guide for Women Wanting to be Free From Abuse. The book has information on dealing with the police; seeing a lawyer; Protection Orders; going to court; what happens to children when a relationship ends; ACC; legally ending a marriage, de facto relationship or civil union; dividing relationship property; and useful legal terms. To order a copy please email – $10 for a colour copy, $5 for black & white.