Current and past Campaigns

To continue to provide the necessary support and awareness around Family Violence we campaign to raise vital funds for all the women and children in our safe-houses.

Past Campaigns
Winter Appeal 2019

"Why doesn't she just leave?"

On average it takes seven attempts for a women to leave an abusive partner. This is a question that many women who have used our services and we at Women's Refuge have been asked on many occasions. We looked at the many reasons and obstacles that may prevent a women from leaving.

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Winter Appeal 2018

"What does Women's Refuge do?"

This year we sought to answer the question "What does Women's Refuge do? Many people think that we are just safe-houses, but we're so much more that that. We were fortunate enough to have some wonderful people share the thousands of ways the we have helped put their lives back together.

What is Family Violence?

If your situation is urgent, call our free Crisisline on 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843 OR Phone 111.

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