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Media Release 6th December 2019

Women’s Refuge has launched its latest fundraising campaign not by asking for money, but by allowing New Zealanders to book a ‘Safe Night’ for those who need to escape.
For most New Zealanders, when we need an escape we simply jump online and book a getaway. But for some that isn’t an option. Every night in this country, over 167 women and children are too afraid to stay at home because of family violence.
Dr Ang Jury, Women’s Refuge Chief Executive has confirmed: “Reported family violence rates in Aotearoa for 2019 have risen substantially. Already we have seen the tragic loss of 22 lives – the highest death rate in 6 years. This is totally unacceptable.”
Women’s Refuge is able to provide them with a safe place to stay, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet the financial needs of this essential service.
Dr Ang Jury continues: “With the number of referrals to Women’s Refuge growing each and every year, we desperately need increased funding to provide the help that these vulnerable women and children need and absolutely deserve.”
To raise much needed money Women’s Refuge, together with the help of Wellington based creative marketing agency EightyOne, is launching a new campaign that’s taking a radical new approach to fundraising. Instead of acting like a charity, Women’s Refuge plan to start behaving more like an accommodation provider. Allowing New Zealanders to book an escape for those who can’t book one for themselves. That means from today, for just $20, you’ll be able to book a ‘Safe Night’ anywhere in New Zealand for someone who really needs it.
And to help raise their profile, they’ve recruited the services of Kiwi actor Miranda Harcourt to front the ‘Safe Night’ accommodation campaign. Says Miranda: “I was shocked to learn that New Zealand has the highest rates of family violence in the
developed world so, of course I was happy to lend a hand. Women’s Refuge needs every penny and all the support we can give.”
Understanding the importance of supporting Women’s Refuges new approach, Trade Me has kindly donated $45,000 worth of advertising for free. Ivan Fuyala, Head of Audience, commented “Women’s Refuge do incredible work for some very vulnerable Kiwis, providing them with a platform to advertise this valuable campaign is the least we could do.”
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Women’s Refuge Media contact: Susan Barker at Women’s Refuge;​, or 0276034449
EightyOne, Creative Marketing Agency contact: Penelope Hobbs,​ or 0274693722