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“The welfare of women and children has been close to my heart for many years, particularly after delivering some of the horror stories in our news bulletins. The science of brain development tells us how damaging exposure to domestic violence is for the brains of young children. It also tells us that being surrounded by violence is just as bad as actually being hit. I wholeheartedly support the work of Women’s Refuge to provide services that help women and children escape violence in their lives.”
Judy Bailey ONZM, Patron of Women’s Refuge
“I go right back to the very beginnings of Women’s Refuge in
the early 80’s when there were many legislative changes happening to make it very difficult for women and children to be safe if they had to leave a relationship. There weren’t many supportive agencies at that time to help women or their whānau. Over the years families have become separated, mums and daughters sadly are not as close as they were decades ago, and some families have few resources to offer help…..
Aunty Kiwa Hutchen QSM Te Whānau-ā-Apanui, Ngati Porou and Kai Tahu , Kuia of Women’s Refuge

New Zealand domestic violence statistics

  • One in three women experience psychological or physical abuse from their partners in their lifetime
  • On average 14 women, six men and 10 children are killed by a member of their family every year
  • Police are called to around 200 domestic violence situations a day – that’s one every seven minutes on average
  • Police estimate only 18% of domestic violence incidents are reported
  • At least 74,785 children and young people aged under 17 were present at domestic violence situations attended by police
  • 84% of those arrested for domestic violence are men; 16% are women


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Women’s Refuge congratulates Judge Becroft– 4th May 2016

“A compassionate Judge, a thoughtful and caring man, and someone who can take us into a safer future for our nations’ women and children,” is how Chief Executive of Women’s Refuge Dr Ang Jury describes the appointment of Judge Andrew Becroft in his appointment as future Children’s Commissioner… Read More

Brave people fronting It’s Not OK TV Ads acknowledged by Women’s Refuge – 4th May 2015

Women’s Refuge is putting its’ weight behind a new series of TV advertisements in the long running It’s not Ok campaign.

“I’m aware that some of those appearing in these adverts have lost loved ones, along with others  who are passionate about stopping domestic violence, and would like to convey my huge thanks to them for lending their voices and experiences to the new phase of the campaign,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury… Read More

Women’s refuge saddened but not surprised by 312 deaths – 25th February 2016

Women’s Refuge says it is not surprised by the announcement of the Family violence Death Review which attributes the deaths of 312 people over 10 years to family violence.

“These tragic deaths are symptomatic of the severity of domestic and family violence in New Zealand. They represent the tip of an iceberg populated by damaged women and children and a society that does not as yet truly understand the dynamics of intimate partner violence, ” says Chief Executive of the National Collective of Independent Womens Refuges Dr Ang Jury… Read More

The Warehouse Group launches new workplace support to reduce family violence – 15 September 2015

The country’s largest retailer, The Warehouse Group, has launched a new initiative to support victims of family violence and encourage those affected by family violence to seek help. The ‘Family violence – it’s not ok’ initiative will apply to all the companies in the Group, including The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming, Torpedo 7 and the company’s online retailers. The initiative is available now and provides for up to 10 days paid leave… Read More


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