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“The welfare of women and children has been close to my heart for many years, particularly after delivering some of the horror stories in our news bulletins. The science of brain development tells us how damaging exposure to domestic violence is for the brains of young children. It also tells us that being surrounded by violence is just as bad as actually being hit. I wholeheartedly support the work of Women’s Refuge to provide services that help women and children escape violence in their lives.”
Judy Bailey ONZM, Patron of Women’s Refuge
“I have been involved with Women’s Refuge for more than 30 years. I have seen it at the grass-root level and how important our work is for whanau. Our advocates work tirelessly to help wahine and tamariki deal with and escape domestic violence in their lives 24/7. We answer calls, we meet up in cafes and our community rooms throughout New Zealand. I want to see this movement grow and continue to provide this service into the future…
Kuia Nancy Mihaka (Ngati Pikiao – Rotorua; Te Arawa; Ngati Kahu; Nga puhi), Kuia of Women’s Refuge

New Zealand domestic violence statistics

  • One in three women experience psychological or physical abuse from their partners in their lifetime
  • On average 14 women, six men and 10 children are killed by a member of their family every year
  • Police are called to around 200 domestic violence situations a day – that’s one every seven minutes on average
  • Police estimate only 18% of domestic violence incidents are reported
  • At least 74,785 children and young people aged under 17 were present at domestic violence situations attended by police
  • 84% of those arrested for domestic violence are men; 16% are women


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Latest research echoes Women’s Refuge view on teen domestic violence

Media Release 31 May 2017

Family Violence Clearing house has published today a research paper “Preventing adolescent relationship abuse and promoting healthy relationships” which looks at adolescence domestic violence in Aotearoa. The paper found a number of issues, many of which Women’s Refuge has long advocated for; most importantly the need to increase efforts around intervention and prevention.

“We have always said that we need to build a fence at the top of the cliff, and providing quality advice and support to young people on how to have healthy relationship is a key part of doing this,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury… Read More

The Warehouse Group and Women’s Refuge step up their efforts to prevent family violence

Media release: 30 May 2017

 The Warehouse Group has today announced two new layers to further strengthen its family violence initiative which aims to tackle the issue in partnership with Women’s Refuge.

The Warehouse Group’s “Family violence, it’s not OK” is a pioneering initiative introduced in 2015 and built upon regularly.  From this month, The Warehouse Group will be the first business in the country to publish resources developed by Women’s Refuge on its intranet.  In conjunction it will run an instore poster campaign across its 92 The Warehouse stores that will help support employees who may be experiencing family violence… Read More

Women’s Refuge pleased with announcement on ICLD collection

Media Release
24th May 2017


Women’s Refuge welcomes the Government’s announcement of a new project that will see the Privacy Commissioner, the Government Chief Information Officer and the NGO sector working together to ensure that the new system for collecting and storing Individual Client Level data is secure and robust.

“It is pleasing to see the Minister and Government slowing the process to ensure data collection and storage will be rigorous and secure, and that our client’s information will remain safe,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury… Read More

Women’s Refuge research reveals the impact of family violence on employment

Media Release 8th March 2017

Women’s Refuge has today released the findings of a first of its kind study in New Zealand which examines the impact of economic abuse on women. One of the key findings revealed in ‘What’s Hers is Mine and What’s Mine is Mine: Women’s Experiences of Economic Abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand’, is the effect family violence has on women participating and remaining in paid employment… Read More


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