Workplace Refuge- A Women’s Refuge Endorsement

We provide endorsed Responsive Workplaces training for staff experiencing family violence.
This means that your organisation can ensure that:

  • Family violence is prevented
  • Victims and perpetrators of family violence are helped
  • Communication and networking are increase
  • Family violence initiatives are prioritised
  • Leadership in driving change is demonstrated

Risk, Wellness, and Productivity

Becoming an organisation endorsed by Women’s Refuge brings a range of benefits. Firstly, it builds your reputation as a healthy, safe workplace that values its staff, attracting high-calibre applicants to your organisation. It also lowers the risk of violence or abuse occurring on your premises, and reduces the costs associated with absenteeism and employee turnover. This can result from family violence situations that do not receive targeted support. Equally importantly, it reduces the likelihood that work productivity, output and staff morale will decline as a result of unhappy or anxious staff members, and contributes to a positive environment and ethos throughout the organisation.


Women’s Refuge is New Zealand’s largest provider of family violence services, and is respected as the leading experts in the field of family violence since it was formed in the 1970s. Organisations with an endorsement from Women’s Refuge carry associated credibility and public goodwill, helping them to become employers of choice and trusted businesses.
Women’s Refuge seeks to recognize, acknowledge, and honour companies that have demonstrated significant effort to the development of workplace policies and initiatives that prevent violence and support people being harmed. We do this publicly and with maximum impact and appreciation, in order to share your achievements and progress
with Aotearoa.

We have developed a comprehensive guide to explain the criteria we gauge against to be able to endorse your organisation as having created a Workplace Refuge for staff experiencing family violence.