Women’s Refuge research reveals the impact of family violence on employment

Media Release 8th March 2017

Women’s Refuge has today released the findings of a first of its kind study in New Zealand which examines the impact of economic abuse on women. One of the key findings revealed in ‘What’s Hers is Mine and What’s Mine is Mine: Women’s Experiences of Economic Abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand’, is the effect family violence has on women participating and remaining in paid employment… Read More

Women’s Refuge Launches Campaign for More Child Advocates
Media Release 21st February 2017

The prevalence of violence in families in New Zealand is significant, with over 40,000 women and children referred to Women’s Refuge last year; just under half of those were for children.  Today Women’s Refuge launches a campaign to ensure that kids in Aotearoa can lead lives free from violence. Kids In the Middle is a nationwide campaign to raise funds to go towards establishing more child advocates across the country… Read More

Women’s Refuge says Christmas time not so festive for many families  14th December 2016

Women’s Refuge is calling on New Zealanders to be more vigilant this Christmas and to think about supporting the many families across NZ affected by family violence. Last year over the holiday season there were over 6000 women and children across Aotearoa that needed Women’s Refuge’s help, up nearly 30% from the previous Christmas. With their resources already under pressure Women’s Refuge is hoping that this trend doesn’t continue this season… Read More


Women’s Refuge urges cross Parliament support of Domestic Violence Workplace Bill –1st December 2016

Women’s Refuge encourages Parliament to support MP Jan Logie’s Bill that calls for a law change to provide paid leave for victims of family violence. The Bill was drawn from the Ballot today and will shortly come before Parliament. “We know that family violence has a significant impact on workplaces. This is an area that Women’s Refuge has been working with various organisations to make progress in. If we are to be serious about ending the horrific family violence rates, we need to be considering every way that we can help people experiencing it. People spend eight plus hours a day at work, there is a huge potential here to support people where they are spending the largest part of their day,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury… Read More


The Warehouse and Women’s Refuge launch ‘Elves on Shelves’ for women and children affected by family violence – 28 November 2016

The Warehouse is seeking kiwi ‘elves’ in its shelves this Christmas to donate much needed gifts to women and children affected by violence. The campaign launches in all 93 The Warehouse stores from today, with shoppers able to donate items of their choice, such as canned goods, toys, and clothing items via a collection point in-store. Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury says that last Christmas just under 4000 women and children across New Zealand called on the help of Women’s Refuge, nearly half of which were under the age of 18.  “Christmas is a particularly stressful time of the year for most people, and the addition of family violence can turn what is supposed to be a joyful and fun occasion in to a nightmare,” she says… Read More


Better support and services needed for perpetrators of Family Violence – 25th November 2016

Women’s Refuge welcomes the findings of the Issues Paper, Responding to perpetrators of family violence. The paper published today by the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse calls for improved responses to perpetrators of family violence. “If we’re to be serious about addressing the atrocious rates of violence, we need to making sure there are comprehensive services that respond to the cause of family violence; the perpetrators,” says Chief Executive of Women’s Refuge Dr Ang Jury… Read more


Women’s Refuge welcomes family violence legislation changes- 13th September 2016

Women’s Refuge warmly welcomes the changes made to family violence legislation announced by government today. “Strengthening legislation to protect the victims, and a strong focus on the rights of victims are crucial to helping to keep women and children safe from violence, and we are confident that the changes announced today will help to achieve that,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury… Read More


We’re their last hope, you’re ours; Women’s Refuge Annual Appeal cuts to chaseWednesday 6th July 2016

The theme for this year’s Women’s Refuge annual appeal highlights the increasing costs of providing services to domestic violence victims. “Our refuges are always busy through the winter months meaning more money is needed to help families wanting to live violence free lives,” says Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury. “Donated items such as furniture or clothes are helpful if we are working with families that are in immediate need of them, but our refuges often don’t have the storage room; what is most urgently needed is money to provide the services they need to keep themselves and their children safe.” … Read More

Warehouse counter sale to raise funds for Women’s Refuge – 30th May 2016

Customers of The Warehouse can do their part to support Women’s Refuge by purchasing a key ring from the counter of every The Warehouse store.  Until to 19 June 2016 funds raised, will help Women’s Refuge to continue the work they do with youth. “Over the years New Zealanders have shown tremendous support and this year, through customers’ purchasing key-rings, we’ll be able to continue the great work we do to help young people live lives free from violence”, Dr Ang Jury CEO of Women’s Refuge says… Read More

Women seeking a place free from violence can now do it safely online through The Warehouse– 17th May 2016

Women’s Refuge has teamed up with The Warehouse to launch a new tool to support victims of domestic violence seeking help, on and offline. “We’ve noticed an increasingly disturbing trend of perpetrators using smartphones, software and apps to track and stalk women, during and after the relationship has ended. The very tools we hope would assist a woman in seeking help are being used to abuse, and we needed to do something about that,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury… Read More

Women’s Refuge supports Law Commission recommendations to Self Defence Laws and FV– 12th May 2016

Responding to the release today from Justice Minister Amy Adams Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury said, “while I have yet to read a full copy of the report, the recommendations I have seen reported in the media today seem to be heading in the right direction… Read More


Women’s Refuge clarifies information about abuse allegations– 11 May 2016

Women’s Refuge is anxious to clarify allegations currently circulating in the media about the abuse suffered by Moko Rangitoheriri prior to his death. It has been reported that Moko’s sister disclosed to a Women’s Refuge social worker that he (Moko) was being abused by Tania Shailer the caregiver of both children. “This is untrue,” says Chief Executive of Women’s Refuge Dr Ang Jury… Read More


Women’s Refuge congratulates Judge Becroft– 4th May 2016

“A compassionate Judge, a thoughtful and caring man, and someone who can take us into a safer future for our nations’ women and children,” is how Chief Executive of Women’s Refuge Dr Ang Jury describes the appointment of Judge Andrew Becroft in his appointment as future Children’s Commissioner… Read More


Brave people fronting It’s Not OK TV Ads acknowledged by Women’s Refuge – 4th May 2015

Women’s Refuge is putting its’ weight behind a new series of TV advertisements in the long running It’s not Ok campaign.

“I’m aware that some of those appearing in these adverts have lost loved ones, along with others  who are passionate about stopping domestic violence, and would like to convey my huge thanks to them for lending their voices and experiences to the new phase of the campaign,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury… Read More


Women’s refuge saddened but not surprised by 312 deaths – 25th February 2016

Women’s Refuge says it is not surprised by the announcement of the Family violence Death Review which attributes the deaths of 312 people over 10 years to family violence.

“These tragic deaths are symptomatic of the severity of domestic and family violence in New Zealand. They represent the tip of an iceberg populated by damaged women and children and a society that does not as yet truly understand the dynamics of intimate partner violence, ” says Chief Executive of the National Collective of Independent Womens Refuges Dr Ang Jury… Read More


The Warehouse and Women’s Refuge launch ‘Elves on Shelves’ to support women and children affected by domestic violence – 1 December 2015

The Warehouse is seeking kiwi ‘elves’ in its shelves this Christmas, to donate much needed gifts to women and children affected by violence over the holiday period. The campaign launches in all 92 The Warehouse stores from today, with shoppers able to donate items of their choice, such as canned goods, toys and clothing items via a collection point in-store. Paul Walsh, Executive GM for Community & Environment at The Warehouse says: “We have a partnership with Women’s Refuge.Read More


Press Release from Women’s Refuge to support release of Family Violence – It’s Not OK, asking for help is from The Warehouse Group – 15 September, 2015

Women’s Refuge warmly welcomes today’s announcement and congratulates The Warehouse Group for being the largest New Zealand employer so far to develop comprehensive human resources policy around domestic and family violence. “To our knowledge there are only smaller operators and non-government agencies who have developed any kind of policy around domestic violence. This initiative from The Warehouse Group will not only enhance their reputation as a great employer but, critically… Read More


The Warehouse Group launches new workplace support to reduce family violence – 15 September 2015

The country’s largest retailer, The Warehouse Group, has launched a new initiative to support victims of family violence and encourage those affected by family violence to seek help. The ‘Family violence – it’s not ok’ initiative will apply to all the companies in the Group, including The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming, Torpedo 7 and the company’s online retailers. The initiative is available now and provides for up to 10 days paid leave… Read More


Women’s Refuge response to discussion paper: Strengthening New Zealand’s legislative response to family violence – 6 August 2015

“The discussion document that Hon Amy Adams has proposed covers off the key issues that we would have expected to be highlighted,” says Chief Executive of Women’s Refuge Dr Ang Jury. “The Minister, through the consultation document, has set out concerns that Women’s Refuge has been raising for several years now. These include the unique attributes of domestic violence offending, including the recognition of patterns of coercive nature involved in domestic violence,… Read more


Women’s Refuge welcomes Government Family and Sexual Violence Work Programme – 30 July 2015

The National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges welcomes the announcement of the government family and sexual violence work programme. “I am excited to see this commitment to action from the government and look forward to working alongside government to realise the outcomes identified,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury. “Women’s Refuge agrees that a ‘planned’ response to the issue of violence within families is preferable to the current system… Read More


Women’s Refuge and The Warehouse raise funds for youth development programme – 28 July 2015

Lens cloths sold over the counters at The Warehouse will help to make a huge contribution to the Women’s Refuge this year. During the first three weeks of June, The Warehouse sold lens cleaning cloths to raise funds towards the Women’s Refuge Shero youth development programme. More than $130,000 in proceeds from the sales will help Women’s Refuge contribute to its prevention work with young people around ways to help them learn about the warning signs of unhealthy relationships… Read more


Technology – opportunity or oppression in domestic violence – Friday 17 July 2015

This year the Women’s Refuge annual appeal highlights the increasing role technology is playing in fueling domestic violence. “Domestic violence isn’t always about physical violence,” says Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury. “Everyday technology, such as mobile devices and social media platforms are increasingly being used as tools to monitor manipulate shame and control women easily and at a distance.” Refuge advocates come across daily examples of how text messaging… Read more


Home Safety Service rolled out nationwide – 1 July 2015

Today is the first day of Whanau Protect – National Home Safety Service. You can find information about this service on our website. Hon Amy Adams Minister of Justice Home Safety Service rolled out nationwide Up to 1000 victims of family violence will be better protected with the rollout of the National Home Safety Service, says Justice Minister Amy Adams. The National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges, which was awarded a three-year $3.6 million contract in March, will begin… Read more


Women’s Refuge Annual Awareness and Appeal Spokesperson 2015 – Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July 1st, is the first day of Women’s Refuge Annual Awareness and Appeal Month. We welcome Miss Ceri McVinnie as our spokeswoman this year. Ceri is Miss Tourism International New Zealand 2015 and tonight on Seven Sharp on TV One you will hear her story of surviving domestic violence. July will be full of events, media stories and street collections as Women’s Refuges throughout New Zealand raise money for their essential services. If you want to donate to our annual appeal visit (fundraising… Read more


Warehouse to help Women’s Refuge – Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Warehouse to help Women’s Refuge.An opportunity from The Warehouse to sell fundraising items on its counter for three weeks will make a huge contribution to Women’s Refuge this year.In the first three weeks of June, The Warehouse is selling lens cleaning cloths to raise funds towards Women’s Refuge, youth programme Shero. Profits from the counter sales will allow Women’s Refuge to work with youth organisations and schools to educate young people to become more confident, more assertive… Read more


Women’s Refuge Chosen Charity of Teulia Blakey on Dancing with the Stars – 12 May 2015

Women’s Refuge is delighted that Teuila Blakely has selected it to be her charity of choice in her new role as a contestant on TV3’s Dancing with the Stars. “Teulia is one of New Zealand’s premiere acting talents. Best known for her roles in Shortland Street and Sione’s Wedding, I have no doubt she will do as superbly on the dance floor as she does on the screen,” said Dr Ang Jury, Chief Executive. “Women’s Refuge is always looking for inspiring people… Read more


Women’s Refuge responds to Strengthening Police Safety Orders media release – 8 May 2015

Women’s Refuge has welcomed the release today of a Police Evaluation Report in to Police Safety Orders (PSOs). “We have a real interest in how PSOs are impacting on lives of women, children and families experiencing domestic violence” said Dr Ang Jury, Chief Executive. Women’s Refuge were supportive of the introduction of PSOs into New Zealand in July 2010. “While it has always been our position that PSOs are an important part of the police response to domestic violence, we have… Read more


Strengthening Police Safety Orders – 8 May 2015

Police are continuing to make improvements to the implementation and administration of Police Safety Orders (PSOs) says Family Violence Manager, Inspector Fleur De Bes of the National Prevention Centre. “New Zealand Police are always striving to improve our victim-focus and ongoing work programme to address family violence,” says Inspector De Bes. “PSOs are a valuable tool to help Police protect family violence victims, and we are focused on delivering staff training and consistency… Read more


An Open Letter to Wicked Campers from Womens Refuge – 24 April 2015

Dear Wicked Campers,Women’s Refuge supports 20,000 women and children affected by domestic violence every year. On behalf of our volunteers and workers and the women and children who use our services we respectfully ask you to reconsider the wording you have on your vans. The hateful slogans and ‘jokes’ we have seen denigrate and humiliate human beings, normalising violence towards women and inflicting on-going harm to victims. Misogyny masquerading as humour is still misogyny!… Read more


$180,000 donation to Women’s Refuge from NZ Sculpture OnShore exhibition – 20 April 2015

$180,000 donation to Women’s Refuge from NZ Sculpture OnShore exhibition 20 April 2015 Women’s Refuge New Zealand has just received $180,000 from the Friends of Women’s Refuge – the proceeds of last year’s NZ Sculpture OnShore exhibition, held in Devonport, on Auckland’s North Shore. The exhibition, which attracted some 19,000 visitors and featured work from over 100 artists, has been held every two years since 1986. It is organised specifically to raise funds… Read more


Bolton Hotel Charity Banquet – 24 April 2015

Bolton Hotel Charity Banquet supporting Women’s Refuge and White Ribbon Monday 6th July 2015 In July 2015 the Bolton Hotel will be hosting their inaugural charity banquet. Our chosen charities for this year are Women’s Refuge and White Ribbon. This degustation dinner with wine match features five local up and coming chefs from prestigious restaurants in the capital. The evening will also include live music, auction and other entertainment in a beautiful Wellington setting; St Andrew’s… Read more


See the Kate Sheppard statue at Tin Palace Arts Space, Lyttelton – Sunday 8 March – Sunday 12 April

Lyttelton’s Tin Palace gallery celebrated International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March with the unveiling of a sculpture of Kate Sheppard as part of its Through the Glass Ceiling exhibition. Commissioned by Women’s Refuge and designed and constructed by Propellor Studios in Wellington last year the sculpture is on display in Te Waipounamu/the South Island for the first time since the work was launched amid controversy in September last year.The opening celebration at Tin Palace included… Read more


Women’s Refuge Supports Dignity 2015 conference – Tuesday 7 April, 2015

Press Release by Response-Based Practice Aotearoa (RBPA) March 30th, 2015 Tīhei Mauri Ora! E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e rau rangatira mā, Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa Behold the breath of life! To all authorities, to all voices to the many chiefs who will be gathered Greetings, greetings, greetings Dignity is the order of the Day at International Conference The responses victims and perpetrators of violence receive from professionals, family members and the wider community… Read more


Women’s Refuge CE is announced – Monday March 9, 2015

Women’s Refuge has announced its new Chief Executive. Dr Ang Jury will be taking over the helm of the largest agency in New Zealand that deals with domestic violence from the 25th March.“It is a great honour to be selected to lead Women’s Refuge,” says Dr Jury. Dr Jury has worked in the domestic violence area for almost 20 years, the majority of this time from within the Women’s Refuge movement in Aotearoa. She comes to this role from her previous position as Manager… Read more


National Home Safety Service – 5 March 2015

Ngā Whare Whakaruruhau o Aotearoa – National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges (NCIWR) on behalf of the 41 affiliated member Women’s Refuges in partnership with Shakti New Zealand and the Pacific Island Safety and Prevention Project are delighted to have been awarded the contract to run the National Home Safety Service.Collectively, the partnership between these three organisations provides for a comprehensive set of domestic violence services and long-standing expertise on successful… Read more