Thousands of people shelter with Women’s Refuge every year.

Half of them are children.

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Help us put a children’s advocate in every Refuge.

Kids in the Middle

Sadly, family violence is a common occurrence in Aotearoa.

Every day in homes throughout the country our kids are seeing, hearing and in most cases getting caught in the middle of family violence.

The effect of this exposure can be far reaching, devastating and have much more of an impact than we think.

Just under half of our clients are kids, so we’re working with and for them every day around the clock providing, counselling, programs and one on one support where we can. Unfortunately we’re not funded for a lot of this work, even though it’s absolutely critical for breaking the cycle and helping the smallest members of our society heal and grow.

We need your help so that we can help kids live lives free from violence.

Why do we need advocates?

We know that loving, stable and secure home environments are the best circumstances for kid’s growth and development. On the other hand, living with violence creates a sense of fear, anxiety and stress; meaning that children are constantly living in a state of hypersensitivity, always prepared for fight of flight.

The kids we work with tell us that they just want to be listened to, have their opinions, thoughts and ideas taken seriously, be told what is going on; we need to be listening to, and supporting children who experience family in the ways that they need. For this the need the help of specialized trained child advocates who work for and with them.


Your donation will help us to provide every refuge in New Zealand with a full time child advocate to work for and with the kids.

With advocates in EVERY refuge we can:

  • Enhance existing policy and practice, and programs we’ve developed and ensure it is aligned with evidence based practice
  • Support our advocates with the required knowledge, training and support mechanisms to ensure the kids we work with flourish
  • Evaluate, enhance and expand the project taking on new learnings and feedback to reach more kids that need our help

“I just want someone I can talk to that’s not going to tell mum, because it will upset her more”

– Stacey, 8

“I wish someone would tell us what’s going on.”

– Alice, 5

If you come across an angry and dangerous bear in the forest, your mind and body tells you to fight the bear- or run away. But in my house, that bear comes home every night after work.

-Matthew, 11

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