Did you know, as a Women’s Refuge volunteer, worker, past client or client family member, you are eligible for a scholarship to Outward Bound? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is fully funded and life changing! Outward Bound, in conjunction with Women’s Refuge, is offering a chance to explore New Zealand’s natural landscape coupled with an unparalleled journey of self discovery.

Like Women’s Refuge, Outward Bound (OB for short) is committed to community action and social awareness. OB stresses the importance of teamwork in a very real sense by showing how we rely on each other not only in the challenging physical climate of the outdoor activities, but also in the greater modern day community. Outward Bound focuses on community partnerships and forming healthy, positive relationships with yourself and others.

There are many aspects to Outward Bound that can aid you on your healing path. The time spent with the group focuses on communal living and learning from each other. You will live and work closely with your group who will be your family for your time and adventures during OB. There are many challenges in the Outward Bound experience but people who have graduated from the course describe it as one of the best things they could ever have achieved in their life.

Course opportunities for 2016

For a complete list of available courses for 2016 click here

There is a simple, one-step application process for the Women’s Refuge scholarship to Outward Bound. You must complete the Women’s Refuge/Outward Bound Scholarship Application and send it to Women’s Refuge. Once Women’s Refuge has verified your scholarship application, they will communicate with Outward Bound to activate your application. Women’s Refuge will contact you directly to let you know that they have approved your application and sent it on to the offices of Outward Bound.

Who is eligible?

If you or one of your direct family members has used the resources provided by Women’s Refuge, you are eligible to apply for the Outward Bound scholarship. Outward Bound offers courses for ages 16+ (13+ for the caregiver and teen course, Leaps & Bounds) and encourages people of diverse ages to apply. Likewise, if you are a volunteer, paid worker or family of a volunteer or paid worker of Women’s Refuge, you can also take advantage of this opportunity.

What is my next step?

Click on the links below and check out some of the helpful information we have provided. Read Outward Bound’s requirements and information closely so you get an idea of what to expect during the application process and the actual journey. Next, read the exciting stories from people who have discovered a whole new outlook on life via their Outward Bound journey. (Fiona and Georgina stories)

How do I begin the application process?

If you have decided that Outward Bound is in fact the right path for you, begin by printing and completing the application form below. Then email, fax or send them to the following email address – or fax (04) 802 5073 or post Attn: Outward Bound Scholarship Program, Women’s Refuge PO Box 27-078, Marion Sq, Wellington 6141.

How do I know this is right for me?

Outward Bound is an exceptional opportunity that can be truly life changing. If you feel that you would benefit from this experience on your path towards an exciting future, then OB may be the perfect chance to discover your inner strengths. Participating on an Outward Bound course can be challenging on several levels, but throughout the courses you are supported to work with others to overcome challenges and thus learn how valuable your contribution really is. There is a minimum suggested fitness level too so you can see how that is for you, and you will have to commit to being smoke free during your course, many people stop smoking as a result of completing Outward Bound.

The Women’s Refuge Scholarships are available because of the strong commitment the late
Sir Roy McKenzie had to our work with women and children who are experiencing domestic violence. We would like to sincerely thank the Sir Roy McKenzie Estate for this valuable opportunity.

Visit the Outward Bound Website

Click here to Download the application form .

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