Women’s Refuge welcomes all women and children in New Zealand to use our services.

We are a proudly inclusive organisation, and we have specialist services for many minority groups who can be particularly vulnerable to domestic violence.

Healthy, equal relationships

Remember: relationships don’t have to be unequal or abusive. Healthy, equal relationships take some work but they are possible, and you have the right to expect the best for yourself.

Your rights in a relationship are:

  • to be treated with respect – and define what respect is for you
  • to decide what is important for you and set your priorities
  • to have and express your own feelings and opinions
  • to have a different view and not feel guilty
  • to be listened to and taken seriously
  • to ask for what you want
  • to make mistakes and be allowed to try again.
  • Each right has a responsibility – the responsibility to behave in the same way towards the other person.

Find help pages for;

>Maori wahine
>Lesbian women
>Women with disabilities
>Older women
>Migrant and refugee women
>Staying safe
>Thinking about leaving