Our vision is leadership that influences the prevention and elimination of domestic violence.

And our purpose is to liberate women, children, families and whānau from family violence by providing quality services and social commentary.

These are the values we recognise while we’re working hard to do this:

  • Whakapapa: Relationships built on kinship and reciprocity.
  • Tikanga: Practising with integrity.
  • Wairua: Honouring diversity.
  • Tapu: Promoting self-understanding and development.
  • Mauri: Maintenance of the individual identity and values within a collective.
  • Mana: Inspirational leadership.

At Women’s Refuge we treat all women, children and their families/whānau in a respectful, confidential, sensitive and non-judgemental manner.

Four cornerstones underpin our values:

  • Parallel development: Ensuring the needs of Māori are met in ways that best suit Māori.
  • Collectivism: To ensure consensus decision-making, and in recognition that the actions of one refuge reflects on the refuge movement as a whole.
  • Feminism: Celebrating women’s contribution to society.
  • Lesbian visibility: To eliminate discrimination of any kind against women.

We are also strongly guided by Te Tiriti o Waitangi Treaty of Waitangi.

The native New Zealand kōwhai tree is known and loved for its healing properties and beauty. Our logo features its delicate, vibrant flower in the strong and universal symbol of women – the perfect portrayal of Women’s Refuge and our values.