The Women’s Refuge training unit Te Kōwhai New Zealand Family Violence Training & Research Institute was established to meet the need for quality information and training about domestic violence in New Zealand. We were the pioneers in designing and developing training and education programmes on the issue in the early 1980s.

Educating people about domestic violence

Since then, we have been delivering a range of training and education programmes to government agencies, organisations, professionals, businesses, women, children and families. We have 40 years experience working in the field of domestic violence.

Each refuge has different programmes that are offered to members of the public around awareness and response to domestic violence. These are above and beyond the excellent programmes that we provide to the women and children who use our services. If you are an individual or from an agency seeking a group training you will need to approach your local refuge directly around their capacity for external training options (there may also be a charge for this training.)

Te Kōwhai’s one-day education programme Family Violence Awareness has been successfully delivered to communities, businesses, non-government and government organisations that work with family violence.

We have also delivered training programmes to government agencies, helping them learn more about the dynamics of domestic violence, the change cycle women go through, and the safety of women and children who leave violent relationships. We’ve trained:

  • Work and Income New Zealand staff nationwide
  • 0800 ‘It’s Not Okay’ telephone operators
  • New Zealand Police
  • Department of Health
  • Child, Youth & Family
  • The Body Shop
  • Hesketh Henry.

These education programmes build strong relationships between government departments and Women’s Refuge, and provide an essential role in educating the public about the impact of domestic violence and how we can all work together to keep women and children safe.

International training

In 2010, Women’s Refuge was contracted to deliver domestic violence training to government and non-government organisations from Tonga and Kiribati. We utilised our strong nationwide network of local Women’s Refuge trainers from throughout Aotearoa to be part of the training delivery. These trainers have a vast amount of local information, as well as their professional knowledge about domestic violence.

Find a Te Kōwhai training programme for you

Te Kowhai has national trainers throughout Aotearoa that can provide the right training to your organisation, right in your community. We can customise and deliver a suite of domestic violence awareness workshops for all sectors of society, incorporating your requirements into the training.

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