Toyota Prius Cars for Refuge

21 February 2013

Toyota NZ has donated 25 brand new Prius cars on a one year lease to Women’s Refuge in December.

“Without good cars women’s refuges would find it very hard to operate. It is our cars that pick up women and children and spirit them away from dangerous situations. It is our cars that take children to medical appointments and mothers to crucial meetings,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Heather Henare.

Although there are more than 25 refuges affiliated to the national organisation Ms Henare said when the decision was made around where to send the cars, those refuges in rural areas or who had to travel long distances, were prioritised.

“There are a lot of organisations doing great work in our Kiwi communities but often they don’t have the funding or resources they need,” says Toyota New Zealand General Manager Steve Prangnell. “We believe in trying to make a difference, so we are lending a hand by providing cars.”

Ms Henare said the surprise gift was an enormous vote of support for hard working refuges, especially at Christmas when, sadly, more women and children than normal need help.

“Providing safe, reliable cars with cheap fuel overheads means a lot to our refuges. One refuge was in tears as their car had recently broken down and they had to use emergency money to rent a car for use over Christmas. A new Prius for one year is the best gift Santa could provide.”
The Prius cars will be maintained and serviced by Toyota NZ during the year.