Statement from NCIWR on Te Roopu Whakaruruhau o Nga Wahine

28 June 2012

The National Collective, which oversees 44 affiliated independent refuges in New Zealand, has been working with Te Roopu Whakaruruhau o Nga Wahine since late 2011 when the auditor concerns became known.

“As part of our complaints process we offered support and help to this organization to address the auditors report, however this offer was rejected,” says Women’s Refuge CEO Heather Henare.

“We informed our government stakeholders and subsequently interested Ministers. We then instigated a joint investigation with Child, Youth and Family and suspended any internal payments of funds to this refuge,” says “We are disappointed with messages coming from government that insinuate that we have not done our job in this particular matter. We reacted immediately, we instigated due process, and ensured no funds under our control were released to this agency.

Ms Henare says an investigation has been carried out and the National Collective in collaboration with Child, Youth and Family is in the process of addressing concerns with this organisation. She says refuge services continue to be provided in this region.

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