Shero Goes to Parachute


Women’s Refuge is using their opportunity at Parachute 2013 to encourage young people to help their mates. In the Refuge educational and funky Shero Campaign, a ‘superwoman’ encourages young people to do super things to help their friends navigate out of or change unhealthy relationships.

Parachute has supported Women’s Refuge to be at Parachute for five years and this year we bring our popular Shero campaign to this huge Music festival at Mystery Creek

Although most people are aware that our Women’s Refuge advocates work in the community to support women out of dangerous relationships, what is less known is the work we do to raise awareness about what unhealthy relationships look like and how to talk to close friends about it. “It is usually family and friends who notice the relationship problem first,’ says Women’s Refuge spokesperson Sue Lytollis. “How they talk to their friend or daughter is important. This is a time when she can be made to feel responsible for the violent or hurtful acts. Our good intentions can back fire.”

The Shero packs and new Shero cards are full of danger signs and advice on how to start that important conversation. Young people at the festival will be encouraged to do ‘super things’ to help their buddies and a Shero Fundraising Challenge will be handed out to youth leaders to use in their communities to share the information and raise money for Women’s Refuge.

Shero resources contain information on:

· Caring for yourself: Learning where to go for help with domestic violence

· Caring for your friends: Knowing the warning signs and how best to support friends who are experiencing domestic violence

· Caring for your community: Supporting Women’s Refuge by keeping informed, being a donor and spreading the word