White Ribbon Campaign

17 to 25 November

This November the White Ribbon campaign is taking place in New Zealand with the annual bike ride about to commence! White Ribbon is an international effort that asks men to step forward and take a stand against violence towards women. It was created for men, by men, and works to raise awareness about both non-physical and physical forms of violence against women.

Starting November 17th, riders from all over New Zealand will meet and travel the length of the North and South Island, in an effort to raise awareness for the campaign.

Our very own Sue Lytollis of Women’s Refuge will be braving the road and joining the supporters for a week long bike ride around the North Island. She will be taking the East Wind which follows a path from Wellington to Auckland, making many stops along the way for educational and community events. Follow her journey and the stories of the men and women of White Ribbon on our Facebook page! You can follow Sue’s tweets on #refugesue. If you are interested in personally supporting White Ribbon, or learning more about what it is please visit their website at