The challenges of leaving an abuser

Leaving a violent situation of abuse can sometimes take time. It's common for women to make four to seven attempts to leave before they are successful.

One of the main reasons women don’t immediately leave their violent partners is that they believe it’s too unsafe to leave. Victims of domestic violence are usually in the best position to figure out what needs to be done to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

Other factors that often make it very challenging for women to leave an abusive relationship are: traditional views about the place of women; the perception that domestic violence is a private issue; economic factors; a lack of social support for women and their children; access to housing; and a lack of understanding about domestic violence.

There are many things that keep women in relationships with someone who abuses them. Being in a violent relationship can erode self-esteem and lead to low confidence. This can occur after even a short period of abuse.

We acknowledge the amazing courage and strength of women who are able to overcome the challenges and leave or positively change a situation of abuse. Read stories of hope from women who have left domestic violence to live free from abuse forever.

Here are 10 common reasons women choose to stay: