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Launch of first Women’s Refuge with Animal Shelter in New Zealand  – 12 Novemeber 2012

A Women’s Refuge safe house with a difference was opened in the Wellington region today. The Porirua refuge Te Whare Tiaki Wahine, with the help of Housing NZ, recently moved to a new six bedroom safe house in the Porirua region and is the first Women’s Refuge to have an animal shelter on site. “A recent research report called Pets as Pawns Pets as Pawns confirmed what we knew about the link between animal abuse and DV with one in three women saying they delayed leaving a… Read more

NZ Sculpture Onshore 2012 – 8-18 November 2012
Women’s Refuge encourages anyone living in or visiting Auckland from Nov 8 – 18th to visit NZ Sculpture onshore event. Apart from being one of the largest outdoor art exhibitions in Australasia, this event raises valuable funds for Women’s Refuge. Money raised at this biennial event has helped to fund important resource booklets for women who use our services, upgrades to white ware at every Women’s Refuge in New Zealand and educational programmes. This event manages to mix… Read more

Women’s Refuge Conference Whānau of tomorrow Building Safer Futures – Friday and Saturday 26–27 October 2012

Venue: The Winery Riverlands, BlenheimOur 2012 International Conference, ‘Whānau of tomorrow, building safer futures’ was a huge success. It was held on October 26-27th with nearly 230 people in attendance. They came all the way to Blenheim to hear the latest information on domestic violence and child abuse and to think of ways to work together to create safer futures for families in Aotearoa. We would like to thank all our speakers, be you international or national, keynote, or… Read more

Women’s Refuge Conference 2012 Different kinds of domestic violence need a different response, argues USA academic – 17 October 2012

A keynote speaker for the Women’s Refuge Conference to be held in Blenheim on October 26-27th argues that there are different types of violence within relationships and that these can be differentiated and should be treated differently. Professor Michael P. Johnson is Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Women’s Studies and African and African American Studies at The Pennsylvania State University and has been designated an Alumni Teaching Fellow, Penn State’s highest teaching… Read more

Statement from Women’s Refuge about the Teen Stand on Domestic Violence and Visa problem – 21 September 2012

No young person should ever be silenced by Domestic Violence, says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Heather Henare. Ms Henare was responding today to a news story about a young Taranaki man who called the police when he woke up to find his father beating up his mum. The family visas were linked to the man’s work visa, and after a jail sentence he was deported a few months ago. Now the family is fighting a losing battle to remain in New Zealand. “There is a definite loophole… Read more

Mixed bag for the domestic violence sector in Family Court Review – 8 August 2012

One key consideration missing from the recently announced Family Court reforms are any changes to Court processes that will encourage more women to seek safety from violent relationships says Women’s Refuge. “While Women’s Refuge welcomes an increased focus on children, we are disappointed that this has not been carried out in tandem with an increased focus on victims of domestic violence,” says Refuge spokesperson, Kiri Hannifin. “The general rule is when you keep a mother safe,… Read more

Women’s Refuge says we need more Owen Glenn’s in Society – 17 July 2012

Women’s Refuge Chief Executive praised the announcement today of Owen Glenn’s commitment to fight domestic violence and child abuse. “We are aware that this funding is targeted at projects in Otara in all kinds of ways to create a better environment for families, with some of the funds going to a local refuge in a project to include work with male perpetrators,” she says. In this, our Annual Appeal week we hope New Zealanders who see a headline $8m for domestic violence,… Read more

Statement from NCIWR on Te Roopu Whakaruruhau o Nga Wahine – 28 June 2012

The National Collective, which oversees 44 affiliated independent refuges in New Zealand, has been working with Te Roopu Whakaruruhau o Nga Wahine since late 2011 when the auditor concerns became known.“As part of our complaints process we offered support and help to this organization to address the auditors report, however this offer was rejected,” says Women’s Refuge CEO Heather Henare. “We informed our government stakeholders and subsequently interested Ministers. We then… Read more

Be a Shero Campaign at Womens Lifestyle Expo at Nelson – 14–15 April 2012

Women’s Refuge are looking for Shero’s! Come to our stall at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, this weekend at the Nelson Trafalgar Centre and see if you have what it takes to be a Shero. You can have a fun day out and enter our competition to win a pamper session for you and 3 other Shero friends.The Expo has over 100 sites with lots to buy and see, giveaways and much more. Date: April 14–15, 2012 Venue: Trafalgar Centre, Paru Paru Road, Open Saturday / Sunday 10.00am – 5.00pm, Nelson Entry… Read more

Heather Henare’s Speech at RSPCA Auckland – 10 May 2012

In March 2012, the SPCA and Women’s Refuge released research called ‘Pets as Pawns’. The research was commissioned by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in partnership with Women’s Refuge. It underlines the strong link between animal cruelty and domestic and family violence in New Zealand. The research also showed that 50% of women interviewed had witnessed animal cruelty as part of their experience of domestic violence. As a result of… Read more

Nelson Coroners findings – 27 April 2012

“Everyone should learn the danger signs of violent relationships and know how to support and assist women when one ends,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Heather Henare. Ms Henare’s comments come in response to the release today of a Coroners issue findings into the death of Nicole Barker in Easter 2010 in a murder suicide from her estranged partner Thomas Hiki. “Sadly, the Coroners findings underscore the need for more to be done to raise awareness about… Read more

Pets used as Pawns in Domestic Violence – 28 March 2012

One in three women surveyed in a recent groundbreaking New Zealand study reported delaying leaving violent relationships because they feared their pets and other animals would be killed or tortured. Of these, one quarter said their children had witnessed violence against animals. ‘Pets as Pawns’ was commissioned by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to… Read more

Father launches book about murdered daughter -12 March 2012

On the morning of 23 September 2009 Helen Meads was murdered by her husband Greg at the stables on their Matamata farm. It was the final chapter in years of control and abuse. The White Ribbon Campaign and Women’s Refuge on the 12 March at 4:30pm will host the launch of David White’s book, Helen, the Helen Meads Tragedy at an event at Te Puni Kōkiri, where David will speak alongside Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Heather Henare and the White Ribbon Committee Chairperson, Brian… Read more

Stolen, a van used to keep women and children safe in Taupo – 29 February 2012

For five years the Te Whare Oranga Wairua Maori Women’s Refuge has had a trusty van until last Thursday night.It was stolen from outside their community office and it has not been located by the Refuge or Police. “Wheels are crucial to our work,” says Manager Mahia Henderson Te Tomo . “This van has collected hundreds of women and children from dangerous homes, or to ferry them around to meetings and appointments. We use our van to deliver children to schools when their mums have to live… Read more

Family Violence Awareness Training Program 2012 – 16 Feb to 13 Dec 2012
Te Whare Tiaki and Whare Manaaki Training Calendar. Please click on the image to zoom. Family Violence Awareness Training Brief  (PDF) For registration and further information contact- Taniya Smith ph (04) 2358482 mobile 027 343 2360 email taniya@orcon.net.nz… Read more

Store of Stories Hurt Heal and Hope  27 to 29 January 2012

There’s an old saying that goes- “A problem shared is a problem halved.” It means that if you let someone know about your problem, it can be much easier to deal with. If you have experienced hurt in your past, healed from it and can even say that you live in hope, then y…ou may want to contribute to a campaign called Hurt, Heal and Hope. Women’s Refuge is holding this campaign alongside the Parachute Music Festival which is being held from January 27 –… Read more

Campaign shows love is not always what it seems – 13 January 2012

Those searching for Valentines Day cards today and tomorrow may be in for a shock. Placed among the cards are some with a less than idyllic message inside. The cards, which have a traditional Valentines Day exterior containing a darker message inside, are part of a campaign designed by ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi to remind New Zealanders that for some women, love has a very different outcome. The campaign aims to bring domestic abuse into the open and encourages New Zealanders to take a… Read more

The future of good relationships in the hands of the young says Women’s Refuge – 24 Jan 2012

It is a 17 year old man who is the spokesperson for Women’s Refuge at the popular Parachute music festival in Hamilton this year. Johny O’Donnell is outspoken about the role young people have in stopping violence. When he was 15 he was one of three Nelson college students who began a movement called SAVE, students against violence everywhere. He will be speaking on Ending Relationship Violence to young people at the popular Parachute Music festival. “Women’s Refuge is… Read more

A busy Christmas and New Year for Women’s Refuge – 17 January 2012

For some refuges in New Zealand it has been a record holiday season with high numbers of women and children using services between Dec 23 and January 14th.“Many refuges have had their busiest year in 25 years, or a 100% increase in referrals or calls,” says Chief Executive Heather Henare. “A recent call out to our 45 independent affiliated refuges has shown that it has definitely been a busy season for women seeking help for domestic violence issues over the holiday period. There… Read more


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